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[EP-tech] Problem with installing bazaar plugin

Dear All,

I wondered if anyone had any problems in installing the 'Altmetric' Bazaar plugin.

I've attempted this on my test environment so far and I get no problems with the install at all, green boxes and confident confirmation that the plugin has installed.  But if I look for the files in the configuration I can't find all of them and the 'altmetric' buttons certainly aren't appearing in the system.  Have I missed a step?  Or do I need to install some of the files manually?

Of the files below I should see installed I can see the ones in bold, but not the others:

*         epm/altmetric/cfg/cfg.d/z_altmetric.pl

*         epm/altmetric/cgi/altmetric

*         plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/EPrint/Box/Altmetric.pm

*         static/images/epm/altmetric.png

*         static/javascript/auto/99_altmetric.js

*         static/style/auto/altmetric.css

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Mrs Yvonne Budden,
Academic Support Manager (Research), University of Warwick
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