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[EP-tech] Filtering the access log table

Hi All,

I was looking for a tool to help align the 3.2 data to 3.3 filtered, and came across an email from Tim Brody, re: tool he wrote to do just that...
<filter_access> - apply 3.3 filters to 3.2 data --> https://github.com/eprints/eprints/blob/68c666e9d32d2c3db864a0e345f2ee14608258a1/tools/filter_access  

The dry run for both methods provided counts for what would be removed... 

[eprints@eprints30310 eprints3]$ /opt/eprints3/bin/filter_access --dry-run --verbose <repoid> user_agent
removed 3458792 of 16060930 records

[eprints@eprints30310 eprints3]$ /opt/eprints3/bin/filter_access --dry-run --verbose <repoid> repeated
removed 1704689 of 16060930 records

The real run was somewhat more enthusiastic.. :) and removed every item... Thankfully its been backed up just in case.....

[eprints@eprints30310 eprints3]$ time /opt/eprints3/bin/filter_access --verbose <repoid> user_agent
Removed 3458792 of 16060930

real    159m49.981s
user    100m33.096s
sys     6m2.058s

an SQL query verifies it...

mysql> select count(*) from access;
| count(*) |
|        0   |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Has anyone else encountered this before? Or point me where/how to diagnose the incorrect logic?

There were a few entries in the access table that had user agent = null, which caused the following error, for each robot in the list, for each null entry.. 

Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /opt/eprints3/bin/filter_access line 116.

But I wouldn't have expected that to break things so badly that every record would be deleted...

Any help would be appreciated



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On Fri, 15 Feb 2013 10:30:24 +0000, "Alan.Stiles" <Alan.Stiles@open.ac.uk>
> Hi Tim,
> Having a quick look through the access table, it might also be nice if 
> there was the option to include / exclude a list of known robots and 
> spiders from the csv dumps, and possibly just to strip them from the 
> access table outside of the dumps, keeping it to a more manageable 
> size without losing 'relevant' information - Bing and Yandex appear to 
> be
> our worst offenders.

The robots list we use is from Project COUNTER, but hasn't been updated since Jan 2011. You can see it here:

The priority for COUNTER appears to be consistency over (necessarily) accuracy.

I've created two tools, working on this branch (names may change ...):

 - write access log entries to CSV files "access_YYYYMM.csv"
 - remove written entries from the database

 - re-run the robots filtering based on the LogHandler list
 - filter repeated requests based on a time-window

These use a new CSV exporter I'm working on, but could use the existing CSV.
(I'm working on a publicly usable CSV export/import, which only operates on user-importable fields).


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