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[EP-tech] Re: Patch suggestion: Form value of MetaField::Name fields having surrounding spaces stripped off

Hi Florian,

and its fix perhaps?

Could you also raise a ticket in github for your issue (if not fixed by 
the above patch) please?


On 17/10/13 12:46, Florian He? wrote:
> Hi E-Prints developers,
> if the user happens to leave trailing spaces in the name field, the
> browse view would display the name once more and ignore that the name
> already exists without trailing space. That's why the creator's browse
> view accumulates doubles and maybe triples of names over time. So how
> about stripping off accidentally input spaces so the repos browse views
> - those generated of fields with freely entered values - are kept clean?
> Please tell me if the patch will be applied officially in the next
> version of EPrints, or if I am rather to use the fromform()-callback. In
> my opinion, this issue isn't specific to our repository, hence ...
> # in package MetaField::Name ...
> # inspired from sub &MetaField::Multipart::form_value_basic
> sub form_value_basic
> {
>           my( $self, $session, $basename ) = @_;
>           my $value =
> $self->EPrints::MetaField::Compound::form_value_basic( $session,
> $basename );
>           s{^\s+}{}, s{\s+$}{} for values %$value;
>           return $value;
> }
> The patch has been roughly tested.
> Kind regards,
> Florian

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