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[EP-tech] Re: irstats2 on 3.3.7

Sebastien Francois wrote:
> Where did you get irstats2 from? If it's the current version which is on 
> github you don't need to apply any patches.

i cloned the git repository and installed the files manually (without epm).

using the default Handler.pm::create_table()[1] i got:

Can't call method "clone" on an undefined value at
line 874, <DATA> line 960.

commenting out 1211-1214[2] instead creates irstats_* tables
but stops at:

---------------- EPrints System Error ----------------------------
Attempt to get value from not existent field: archive/

> Can you copy/paste your config here please (cfg.d/z_irstats2.pl)?

i'm testing using the vanilla cfg.d/z_irstats2.pl without any modification

thank you.