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[EP-tech] Re: Writing a Bazaar plugin

On 08/10/13 10:18, sf2 wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> Can you make sure that:
> 1- your zz_rj_broker.pl file has been copied to your
> ~/eprints/archives/<id>/cfg/cfg.d/ directory?
> 2- you have reloaded Apache?
> & give it another try?
> I did test your extensions (ok I copied your PM files directly to perl_lib
> for the sake of testing...) and it worked.


I'd been editing the file in ~~~/lib not the file below ~~~/archives/<id>

.... now to work out how to manage epms :)

Ian Stuart.
Developer: ORI, RJ-Broker, and OpenDepot.org
Bibliographics and Multimedia Service Delivery team,
The University of Edinburgh.


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