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[EP-tech] IRStats2 Beta

Hi all,

I have added IRStats2 to the eprints GitHub so you may now download and 
use/test it.

EPrints 3.3 users may use the bazaar package available from there: 
(note that it's not yet live on the Bazaar-store). Even so you can 
install the package easily this way, you still need to run a script to 
process the stats. That is not yet automated.

EPrints 3.2 users will have to copy files by hand, it's pretty 
straight-forward and the INSTALL file contains some instructions.

It's not quite the final/stable release yet but it has been thoroughly 
tested on a few "real" repositories and it's unlikely to break a 
repository anyway.

I hope you'll enjoy, please contribute (ideas / comments / bugs etc) 
directly to me or to GitHub.


PS: yes, it can run in parallel to IRStats1.