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[EP-tech] Re: IRSTATS2 questions

Shouldn't early result be cached, and only new hits be counted?

Il 05/09/2013 20:19, Betsy Coles ha scritto:

Hello Séb et al.,

I have IRSTATS2-0.0.4 beta from early July installed on my main repository. I’m very impressed – it’s exactly what we need – but I have three questions:

1.Is there a newer version? How can I get it?

2.There are some issues with capitalization of names in the authors lists, e.g., middle initials are lower case, as “Buchwald, Jed z.” This looks like it should be simple to patch but I’m not sure where to do so. Hints?

3.Performance is definitely an issue. My repository has 35,000 items and a 10-year history resulting in an access table with 79,000,000 rows. IRSTATS2 reports almost 4,000,000 downloads. The initial process_stats job took 40 hours to run on a fairly capable machine. Worse, the “5 Top Authors” list on the summary page takes 45 seconds to load. And the table of countries (not map) in the Requests report is still trying to load after half an hour of spinning. Are there perhaps plans to improve performance?

You can see our stats at http://authors.library.caltech.edu/cgi/stats/report <http://authors.library.caltech.edu/cgi/stats/report> (but don’t everybody hit it at once, please!).

Many thanks,

Betsy Coles

Caltech Library IT Group


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