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[EP-tech] Re: Importing from E-prints IR to E-prints IR

Hi Folks 

  Just a sub-note of caution -- if you go this route, be sure to validate that the fields exposed in the source IR are also present in the destination. I.e. if there are any 'custom' fields added on either end, you might want to crosswalk those fields to ensure that it ends up in the intended location. I definitely agree with the suggestion that eprints XML would be the ideal format, though, at least in terms of ensuring the preservation of as much source information as possible.


Casey Hilliard (rchilliard at mun.ca)
System Administrator,
QEII Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland

On 2013-05-28, at 9:48 AM, christian.gutknecht at ub.unibe.ch wrote:

	Hi Clair

	You should be able to do that with: Export as ?EP3 XML with Files Embeded? and Import as "Eprints XML?


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	Hi all,
	We?ve had an inquiry regarding a new academic member of staff who wants to import their research from a previous institution?s E-prints in to our E-prints repository. 
	If you?ve had experience of doing this we?d be grateful for any tips on which method gives the best results (i.e  transfers the most metadata). Is exporting as Bibtex the best way?
	Many thanks in advance
	Clair Waller
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