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[EP-tech] Re: SystemSettings.pm not generated by EPrints 3.3.12 tar.gz installer

Hi Dennis,

SystemSettings is generated by the installer, it just that it's been minimalistic since the first 3.3.

You'll now find your settings in lib/syscfg.d/ which can be locally over-ridden.


On 12/08/13 09:30, Dennis - UT wrote:
I'm trying to upgrade from EPrints 3.2.9 to 3.3.12 using the tar.gz
installer. The problem however is that it doesn't generate the
SystemSettings.pm. I seems to just copy the CVS version instead:

# This is only for the CVS version. It should be auto-generated by the

The 3.3.11 installer does generate SystemSettings.pm but doesn't copy
the settings from my old SystemSettings.pm file.

Is this a bug?

What's the workaround, simply copy my old 3.2.9 SystemSettings.pm file?

University of Twente
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