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[EP-tech] x-forwarded ip in access table



We have just moved our server and needed to modify the apache .conf files to use X-Forwarded-For, so we get the correct IP’s into the access and error logs.  This is all working correctly.


The collection of ip’s in the access table was not handling the x-forward header info.


Fixed it by editing this file, perl_lib/EPrints/Apache/LogHandler.pm, and adding extra code to pick up the header info and fall back to regular ip if not defined.


sub _generic


       my( $r, $epdata ) = @_;


       my $c = $r->connection;

       my $ip = $c->remote_ip;


+      my $ip_XForward = $r->headers_in->{ "X-Forwarded-For" };     

+      if (defined $ip_XForward)

+      {

+             $ip = $ip_XForward;

+      }


       $epdata->{datestamp} = EPrints::Time::get_iso_timestamp( $r->request_time );

       $epdata->{requester_id} = $ip;

       $epdata->{referring_entity_id} = $r->headers_in->{ "Referer" };

       $epdata->{requester_user_agent} = $r->headers_in->{ "User-Agent" };


       # Sanity check referring URL (don't store non-HTTP referrals)

       if( !$epdata->{referring_entity_id} || $epdata->{referring_entity_id} !~ /^https?:/ )


              $epdata->{referring_entity_id} = '';



       return $epdata;







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