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[EP-tech] Re: SWORD2 endpoint

David and Nikki are putting you on the right track. FYI sword-app/deposit/inbox is from EPrints 3.2 and earlier, which used SWORD v1. Version 3.3 onwards uses SWORD v2, which is completely different. Like David said in another thread, you need to get hold of the service document, which specifies the correct URL to use to for each "collection" (see the <collection> tag). If you look at the HTML source of the front page of your EPrints repository, you'll see a couple of link tags in the header for the service document as well as the endpoint. Reading the SWORD specification is kinda dry, but it actually does a good job of explaining how everything works:


FWIW I just added another curl example on the CRUD wiki page, showing how to upload a PDF to an existing eprint.


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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: SWORD2 endpoint

Have you tried id/contents?


On 15 Mar 2013, at 10:59, David Kane <DKANE at wit.ie<mailto:DKANE at wit.ie>> wrote:

Not sure what that is.

You might get an idea from the EPrints Apache::CRUD.pm documentation.


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Does anyone know what the endpoint is for ePrints 3.3? I get a 404 for sword-app/deposit/inbox


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