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[EP-tech] Authors as part of a collective name

Hello all,

We've got an item where two of our academics have contributed to the article, but are just listed as part of a collective name - eg

Random_Author, A; Random_Author, B; Random_Author, C & The Community Group, Insightful Research Title (2013).

To link the item to the authors we record a unique staff identifier against their author entry and then use that to build their author view, but in this case they are both identified within "The Community Group", so we only have one entry against which to tag their IDs.  More complicatedly, we have other systems that draw the author and publication details from the repository via a linked data interface and when we've tried adding their ids to the other non-institutional authors (which makes the citation appear correctly in the repository) this then causes their details in the subsequent systems to be corrupted with the wrong name details.

If anyone is still reading by this point, have you come across a similar issue and if so, what have you done to resolve it?

Thanks for any thoughts!

Alan Stiles - Digital Repository Developer
Library Services - The Open University Library

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