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[EP-tech] Audio (mp3) preview in 3.3

Hi all,

what would be the 'neatest' way to enable audio (mp3) preview in Eprints
3.3 ? I was thinking of an html5/flowplayer like solution.

Looking at the list archives, there are references for PreviewPlus and
Kultur approaches.

The first (PreviewPlus/Edshare) seems to stop at 3.2 version.
The second (kultur) engages manual installation steps which I would like to
avoid, considering future upgrades.

Ideally I would be interested in 'previewing' all audio and 'hide'
downloading (I'm not really considering a wowza-like streaming solution,
 pseudo-streaming would be ok).

I would appreciate any related information.

Thank you in advance,


School of Music Studies
Faculty of Fine Arts,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
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