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[EP-tech] Re: OAI2 harvesting into Primo

Hi Jose,

Thank you!  I'll give that a try.

Best wishes,

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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: OAI2 harvesting into Primo

Hi Stewart,

We provided that information adding the following bit to the DC.pm export plugin, inside the "foreach( @documents )" loop:

my $access_rights = $_->is_public ? 'Open Access' : 'Restricted Access';
push @dcdata, [ "accessRights", $access_rights ];

I hope this helps,


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Subject: [EP-tech] OAI2 harvesting into Primo

HI all,

Does anyone use Ex Libris Primo and harvest their EPrint repository into it?  We are hitting a problem where EL are trying to set up harvesting on our Repository.  They are having problems working out what texts are restricted or not.  I see that in the DC data that full_text_status is not displayed or rights.

Have you encountered this problem and do you have a solution to offer?

Many thanks,
Stewart J Brownrigg
Learning & Research Development, Information Services, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF, UK
+44(0)1227 823621

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