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[EP-tech] Re: Eprints 3.3.6 on CentOS 6.3 - Exports of Citations not working

On Fri, 11 Jan 2013 22:12:36 +0000, "Adams, Thomas" <tadams at cshl.edu>
> After performing a simple search (from the menu bar) in Eprints, the
> "Export" button seems to replace the URL in the browser, with another URL
> but the page contents remain unchanged.
> Initial simple search URL, (searching for james):
> After pressing "ASCII Citation" Export, the URL is changed to:
> The content of the page remain the same.
> If I then press "BibTex" Export, the URL becomes:
> The content of the page remains the same (the initial simple search), not
> the expect "ACSII Citation". So I am not sure, if Eprints is building the
> URL correctly.
> It gets a little more interesting when I "ASCII Citation" Export on a
> "Browse by Year" page. Here the listing initially appears to work,
> displaying the whole page of citation within the browser, but right at
> end of the page gets loaded again and only three of the entries remain.
> Strange.
> However, the BibTex export seems OK when performed from the "Browse by
> Year".
> Background:
> I'm running Eprints 3.3.6 on CentOS6.3, which had been recently upgraded
> from CentOS 6.0. Since the upgrade, I needed to modify the ? entities
> in the system.xml file. Did not downgrade the libxml2 nor libxml2-python.
> BTW - the BibTex and all other export modules are  displaying within the
> browser (Firefox) screen, should they not be forced to a save-as file
> dialog.


You've been bitten by a change in how the URI module works. If you notice
all the '&'s have been turned into 'n's.

There was a fix for this in Search.pm:

All the best,