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[EP-tech] Eprints 3.3.6 on CentOS 6.3 - Exports of Citations not working

After performing a simple search (from the menu bar) in Eprints, the "Export" button seems to replace the URL in the browser, with another URL but the page contents remain unchanged.

Initial simple search URL, (searching for james):

After pressing "ASCII Citation" Export, the URL is changed to:

The content of the page remain the same.
If I then press "BibTex" Export, the URL becomes:

The content of the page remains the same (the initial simple search), not the expect "ACSII Citation". So I am not sure, if Eprints is building the URL correctly.

It gets a little more interesting when I "ASCII Citation" Export on a "Browse by Year" page. Here the listing initially appears to work, displaying the whole page of citation within the browser, but right at the end of the page gets loaded again and only three of the entries remain. Strange.

However, the BibTex export seems OK when performed from the "Browse by Year".

I'm running Eprints 3.3.6 on CentOS6.3, which had been recently upgraded from CentOS 6.0. Since the upgrade, I needed to modify the   entities in the system.xml file. Did not downgrade the libxml2 nor libxml2-python.

BTW - the BibTex and all other export modules are  displaying within the browser (Firefox) screen, should they not be forced to a save-as file dialog.

Any help appreciated. Thanks