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[EP-tech] Re: repository administration: frontend or backend?

Il 19/02/2013 10:25, Pavlovic,Karlo ha scritto:
> Dear all,
> I am trying to costumise our repository and I have a general question (with
> two examples):
> Should things be changed using the frontend (i.e., admin>config.tools), if
> possible, or should generally be used the backend (as generally described in
> the wiki: http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Category:Howto).
> E.g., if using the frontend to add an institutional hierarchy, there is the
> possibility to go to admin>config.tools>editsubjects.
> But after adding such a new tree (as an administrator), it does not appear
> when adding an eprint (as an author).

you've to associate it to a new field of type subject on 
eprint_fields.pl in cfg.d of your repository. Use the division as an 

             'name' => 'divisions',
             'type' => 'subject',
             'multiple' => 1,
             'top' => 'divisions', <- here put the root of this subject, 
the id when you create it on edit subjects
             'browse_link' => 'divisions',

Then you've to run

./bin/add_field <your repository> eprint <yourfield as above>

to add it to the mysql database.


> Also, adding metadata fields does not work: When going to
> admin>config.tools>ManageMetadataFields, a click to e.g. "Eprints:View
> Dataset Fields" results in this:
> "EPrints System Error: Attempt to get value from not existent field:
> metafield/objectid"
> Thank you!
> Best,
> Karlo