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[EP-tech] Re: RFC access log table

Hi Tim

Because of the DB backup issues we invested some time a while ago in some scripts for archiving the access data off to monthly dumps and for restoring it (if required, say be the need to have IRStats reprocess all data). These scripts are not actually in production use because I haven't had time to test it to my satisfaction (sorry Nick!).

CSV is a more accessible format than a MySQL dump, which may be a benefit.

We are using IRStats for statistics which uses the access table but I guess this will be easily updated with a new parser. We also do some custom logging to the access table for reporting on outbound link clicks via IRStats.  This logging is handled via EPrints::Apache::LogHandler.


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Hi All,

I'm thinking about the access log table and how it can be made sustainable.

What I'm suggesting is to write accesses to CSV-formatted log files, one file per month. What I don't know is whether anyone is relying on the database table for generating statistics?

The problem the access log table creates is in backing-up the EPrints database.

I'd appreciate any thoughts/comments.

All the best,