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[EP-tech] Re: Cleaning database up

Hi David,

Try to do it in PERL using the EPrints API...

Since you're using 3.1.3 at Lincoln, the script will look like:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w -I/opt/eprints3/perl_lib

use strict;
use EPrints;

my $session = new EPrints::Session( 1, $ARGV[0] ) or die( "$0 
repository_id" );

my $userds = $session->get_repository->get_dataset( 'user' );

$userds->map( $session, sub {

     my( undef, undef, $user ) = @_;

     ## do your own tests here on $user...
     # return if ...

     ## remove all eprints that are in the "inbox" (user area):
     # my $eprints = $user->get_eprints;
     # $eprints->map( sub {
     #    my( undef, undef, $eprint ) = @_;
     #    return if $eprint->get_value( 'eprint_status' ) ne 'inbox';
     #    $eprint->remove();
     # } );

     ## and delete the account if the user matches (not that this also 
removes the saved searches for that user)
     # $user->remove();

} );


Note that I've commented out the bit that actually removes eprint/user 
objects - I let you customise it!

If I were you, I wouldn't remove the users that have some eprints in the 
repository - not sure how EPrints will cope will orphan objects.


On 06/02/13 14:12, David Whitehead wrote:
> Hi All,
> at the current time the database that we have for EPrints is getting quite big with users that are no longer ever going to use the EPrints site again. I am looking at making a quick script which will go through the database and remove users if they have are no longer attached to an EPrint or they do not meet certain criteria i.e. join_date etc. I just wanted to quickly ask, how many different tables would I need to remove the user entry on or check for that matter to ensure its a clean deletion from the database. The current tables I know I will need to look at and clean is as followed:-
> User table
> eprints table
> saved_search table
> But is there any tool or method in /bin/epadmin for example which will clean the rest of the records if I do delete from the tables listed above. Any help or information you could supply would be of great helps, thanks all,
> Kind regards,
> David Whitehead.
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