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[EP-tech] Re: oai filters

On 23/10/12 15:08, Yuri wrote:
> Il 23/10/2012 15:55, Sebastien Francois ha scritto:
>> Hi Yuri,
>> pong!
>> I'm not sure you can use filters to filter items *out* (or perhaps this
>> was added in 3.3, I don't recall).
>> So you might just need to set opposite values to your items: you want to
>> exclude items which has X in field Y ? Then set !X to all other items
>> and filter on !X (I recall doing that exact thing on a French
>> repository). You can then even have custom sets in OAI (perhaps that's
>> your aim).
>> Hope this will help you,
>> Seb.
> do you have more details?

Say you want to filter *out* stuff where field "oai_set" = "hide" 
(that's your Y = X).

You'll have a set of items that will have oai_set = "hide". Then also 
flag the other items with (eg.) oai_set = "show" and filter on that 
value in OAI.

Then in oai.pl:

$oai->{filters} = [
     { meta_fields => [ 'oai_set' ], value => 'show', match => 'EX' } ]

You see what I mean?

I suggest this approach because I don't think there is a "match" 
operator in EPrints that can do "not equal to" (the opposite of match => 
'EX' on the above line).