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[EP-tech] Re: NET::SMTP needs Hello in EPrints 3.3.10

Florian, yes you are right, of course I meant EPrints::Email. Sorry for the confusion.

Best regards,

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Am 20.11.2012 11:40, schrieb Schallehn, Volker:
> Hi,
> sending Mail via SMTP (EPrints 3.3.10) results in a mail header like
> [...]
> Received: from localhost.localdomain (unknown [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx])
> [...]
> As a quick and dirty workaround we changed the behavior of
> EPrints::Utils::send_mail_via_smtp (line 160), from
> my $smtp = Net::SMTP->new( $smtphost );
> to
> my $smtp = Net::SMTP->new( $smtphost, Hello => 'my.eprints.domain' );

Thanks for sharing, Herr Schallehn,

guess you are meaning EPrints::Email, not EPrints:Utils.

As we experience requests from users asking whether or when the 
confirmation email is sent, this could be our problem, too. We will have 
several EPrints instances based on the same installation, so we would 
then assign $p{session}->config("host") and reckon that should be 
preferred for the sake of robust code on single installations as well.

Kind regards,
Florian He?

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