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[EP-tech] Re: MySQL query to update a column value

An 'update eprint' command will edit the data in the table, not the structure of the table itself.
You need an 'ALTER TABLE' command, something like (this is untested, and off-the-top-of-my-head-and-therefore-possibly-not-right. Anyone else care to comment?):
ALTER TABLE eprint MODIFY num_pieces TEXT;
See this (or an appropriate version for your MySQL version)
I think your initial command would have set the 'type' (eprint type) to 'text' for all your eprints. Eeek!

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Subject: [EP-tech] MySQL query to update a column value

Hi all


I’ve edited eprints.pl to change the property of an eprint field from an integer to text but running update_database_structure has not updated the eprint table. I’ve been advised to update manually using MySQL and have come up with the following:


Use <database name>

Update eprint

Set type = text

Where field = num_pieces


I think this is ok – I’ve specified the table (eprint) and the field that I want to update (num_pieces) and the column that I want updating is ‘type’. The current row in the table is as follows:

Field                             | Type         | Null | Key | Default | Extra

num_pieces            | int(11)      | YES  | MUL | NULL    |       |


Can anyone take pity on me and reassure me that this is ok? I ask as a MySQL novice.


Many thanks for any advice!





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