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[EP-tech] editing subjects from GUI

Hi all,

We have XML data coming to eprints from a different system.We want to do a bulk import of this data, which we can do.However I have come up with some problem with the value for subjects field.The value of subjects that come in this XML from another source do not match our subject tree.Hence when the data is imported a wrong value gets in subjects field.We can always edit the subject field and assign a correct value.But that means there are two values for subjects i.e. the wrong value and the right value.Is there some way we can delete the wrong value through the user interface? I may be able to do it through an update or delete statemet from the database.But that is not useful for us.We want the person doing the editing from the user interface be able to delete it.

For example an eprint record from external source has subject assigned as:


This value of "Management" does not quite match our subject tree.So once we have done the bulk import, which bring the data in the review area, our editor can go in and assign the right subject to this eprint , which in our case would be 

School of Business, Design & Innovation, Management

But this gives her two values for subjects:

Subjects: ?? Management ??
Social Sciences > School of Business, Design & Innovation, Management

And she wants to be able to delete the wrong value herself from the user interface.

This is not a case of one record. This is a case of monthly import with a large number of records imported every month.

Any suggestions?

Ranju Upadhyay
National University of Ireland Maynooth.


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