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[EP-tech] Import files from filesystem

Has anyone written anything that will do something along these lines:
1. User specifies a folder that is visible to both the EPrints server and their PC
2. EPrints lists contents of folder (don't really want to start at the top level and list all, there'll be *a lot* of files in there - so need to specify folder first)
3. User select which items to attach to an eprint (all separate documents)

I'm torn between doing this as an import plugin, and a upload method.
Sometimes we'll have the files before the metadata (an import method would be best), sometimes the metadata before the files (upload would be best), so I may have to do both.

I started down the UploadMethod route, but got a bit stuck when the render method couldn't see the POST params (only the GET ones, as far as I could make out). Any hints as to why this is (is it expected behaviour)?