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[EP-tech] Re: specific Views for particular types

Am 29.03.2012 17:41, schrieb Sebastien Francois:
> Hello,
>> For the first-letter submenu (not section), there is no option?
> Isn't this a "variation"?
> variations =>  [
>       "creators_name;first_letter",
> #etc..
> ]

Hi Sebastien,

variations make skip-links to anchors at <h2>{'A'..'Z'}</h2>, but I am 
looking for a solution that divide the list in a single sub-page per 
initial, plus I'd like to define whether their authors itself is to be 
listed or their eprints.

... Figured out I did actually mean sections (sorry, misunderstood 
terminology), so well, now I have the following configuration and still 
-other- problems as described below:

         {       id => "dissmed_autor",
                 menus=> [ { fields=>["type"] },
                                 fields => [ "creators_name" ],
                                 new_column_at => [1, 1],
                                 mode => "sections",
                                 open_first_section => 1,
                                 group_range_function => 
                                 grouping_function => 
                 order=> "creators_name/title",

The main level of this view lists the types which is alright even when 
once restricted to certain types - yet to be tested.

But clicking on one type, that is linked to 
$base_url/view/dissmed_autor/myEprintType_xy/, I get then a 404: File 
not found. The missing page is instead accessible with 
$base_url/view/dissmed_autor/myEprintType_xy/myEprintType_xy/, note the 
double subdirectory. When clicking on an author then, I get another 404, 
as the author urls should have again only one myEprintType_xy/ in the path.

Could you tell me what is wrong here, please? Or is this one of the 
regressions you say they are fixed in 3.3.8 so the problem will be past 
on update?


> Seb
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