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[EP-tech] Re: post installation issue

EPrints has its own handler for delivering pages so ignore DocumentRoot 

Does EPrints load ie when you restart Apache do you get such a message 
in the error logs:

[Wed Mar 21 10:38:25 2012] [notice] EPrints archives loaded: {repo_name}

This is the critical bit you need to resolve. If you don't get that 
message, EPrints isn't loaded and nothing's going to work. No need to 
try to trick Apache's DocumentRoot or else... it simply will NOT work.


On 21/03/12 12:28, smal at ccmb.res.in wrote:
> Hi
> After having changed over the document root to /var/www/html, now the "Apache Test Page" appears on the browser instead of eprints index page. Do I have to rewrite the document root once again to ....?????? kindly reply me.
> with thanks
> s.mahalingam