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[EP-tech] Re: post installation issue

Hi Seb & Tim

Thanks for your efforts and valuable time spending in helping me. I was able to do everything including editing the contents of index page from its script file. However, the biting issue is still with the "cgi" folder only. I could not access or activate links for cgi folder. (e.g.) Login, create account, Latest additions, serarch repository. I have also modified the contents in apache conf file for cgi folder as ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/var/lib/eprints3/archives/publications_new/cgi/" but still not works out. The error is as follows: Most importantly the cgi folder in "/var/lib/eprints3/archives/publications_new/cgi" is found to be blank with no contents.

Not Found

The requested URL /cgi/latest was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) Server at eprints.ccmb.res.in Port 80

What shall I do further? The next task could be updating the contents such as uploading PDF,HTML,doc. files etc.

with thanks

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Can you show the content of archives/publications_new/cfg/cfg.d/10_core.pl?

And what URL do you use to access the service (with your web browser)?

URLs are automatically generated by EPrints so they shouldn't need any 
extra configuration. If you did use static URLs then have a look inside 


On 20/03/12 16:14, smal at ccmb.res.in wrote:
> the inaccessiblity to view and cgi folder is anything to do with configuratin files? I have check perl_module is already installed and enabled.
> the output of error log of apache is as follows:
> [Tue Mar 20 21:38:02 2012] [notice] Digest: done
> [Tue Mar 20 21:38:02 2012] [warn] ./mod_dnssd.c: No services found to register
> [Tue Mar 20 21:38:02 2012] [notice] Apache/2.2.15 (Unix) DAV/2 mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.1 configured -- resuming normal operations
> [Tue Mar 20 21:38:32 2012] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down
> [Tue Mar 20 21:38:32 2012] [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /usr/sbin/suexec)
> [Tue Mar 20 21:38:32 2012] [notice] Digest: generating secret for digest authentication ...
> [Tue Mar 20 21:38:32 2012] [notice] Digest: done
> [Tue Mar 20 21:38:32 2012] [notice] Apache/2.2.15 (Unix) DAV/2 mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.1 configured -- resuming normal operations
> [Tue Mar 20 21:38:32 2012] [warn] ./mod_dnssd.c: No services found to register
> [root at eprints httpd]#
> Is there path reconfiguration on the index page of "publications_new" to access the view and cgi folders? kindly let me know.
> many thanks in advance.
> with regards
> s.mahalingam

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