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[EP-tech] Re: post installation issue

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From: "Yuri" <yurj at alfa.it>
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Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 12:54:18 PM
Subject: [EP-tech] Re: post installation issue

Il 20/03/2012 06:31, smal at ccmb.res.in ha scritto:
> Hi
> I am unable to execute any of the commands from "bin/epadmin .... " command prompt as I am getting only eprints help menus as output for whatever command I try to execute. Is there any solution to it?????????? kindly help me out.
> with thanks
> s.mahalingam

Please post the output of the commands, maybe you're missing some 
fundamental parameter...
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there are two instances at which the output varies

1. bin/epadmin reload "repository ID"

The repository config will be reloaded, but you should still restart apache as soon as possible.
( I checked that both apache and mysql are running as usual)

2. bin/epadmin reload or any other command "repository ID"

It outputs various epadmin command menus as follows

Usage: epadmin *command* repository_id* (options)
  where *command* is one of:

  create_db etc...
Hope this suffice your needs to diagnose this issue. I concur with you that I may have missed the basic parameter while configuring the D/B. If it is so, how do I have to reconfigure ths same D/B.?

with thanks
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