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[EP-tech] Re: REF2014 Plug-in installation failed because of duplicate fields


Good news about the update!

These 2 user workflows should definitely appear when viewing a user 
profile so I guess there is a problem. I will try to fix this today & 
upload another update. I'll be in touch on this mailing list.

Kind regards,

On 07/03/12 12:18, Tian, Jia wrote:
> Dear Seb,
> Thank you very much for the kind fixes!
> I have tested the new REF2014 Bazaar package 1.0.1 and it works for 
> our R4R-featured repository. I didn't see any error when I installed 
> the Bazaar package. Also I did a manual run "epadmin upgrade 
> <archiveid>" and no errors popped up which double confirmed the 
> database schema upgrading succeeded.
> But there was an issue that I need to manually copy the content of the 
> following two files into the file 
> "/opt/eprints3/archives/<archive_id>/cfg/workflows/user/default.xml".
> ?/opt/eprints3/lib/workflows/user ref.xml
> ?/opt/eprints3/lib/workflows/user uoa_champion.xml
> Otherwise, I cannot see the REF section and UoA Champion section 
> displaying in the User Profile. I am not sure whether it's Bazaar 
> related or 3.3.8 version related. Additionally our EPrints version was 
> 3.2.6 before and it got upgraded to 3.3.7 last December and then 
> further to the current version 3.3.8 this January. This is not a 
> critical problem, but it did took me a while to notice.
> Another small bug is that one phrase is missing in the file 
> "/opt/eprints3/lib/lang/en/phrases/ref.xml", therefore I added the 
> following line into that file.
> <epp:phrase id="user:workflow:stage:ref:title">UoA Champion</epp:phrase>
> I followed the User Guide Manual on EPrints website to perform several 
> simple tests on the REF2014 plug-in and it seems working perfectly. 
> Thanks again for the great help!
> Best Wishes,
> Jia
> **

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