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[EP-tech] Issues support in EPrints


I've just enabled the issues functionality in EPrints 3.2 to see what
it does. I'm a little surprised by the way it works.

First of all, there doesn't seem to be an easy way for repository
staff to check if there are open issues other than using the "Search
for issues" function. I hoped for a quick indication of the number of
open issues on one of the pages after a repository staff member log in
to the repository. Is this perhaps already added in 3.3.x? Or is there
anyone who built such functionality?

Another thing I noticed is that it seems to be impossible to do
something with an issue other than "solving the problem". What to do
in case of false-positives? The database and code seems to be prepared
for this as it has an issue status file allowing these values:

discovered ignored reported autoresolved resolved

I assume that "ignored" would be the correct way to mark a false
positive. Yet there seems to be no functionality in EPrints to allow
one to set this status.

I also noticed the following fields in the issues code / database:
reported_by, resolved_by and comments. They are mentioned in the
changelog for version EPrints (3.1.0-beta-1) but they don't seem to be
used either.

Am I missing something or is this still a work in progress?

University of Twente