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[EP-tech] titles of graphs in IRstat

Hi List,

I have installed the latest release of IRStat on eprints 3.2.8.Everything seem to work fine.

One thing I would like to have is the graphs display the title as well.For instance if you generate the "top ten monthly download graphs" under complex analysis, at the very top of the graph it says, "Monthly Download Counts of Top Papers". I would like similar titles be displayed for other graphs too.

I had a look at the the .pm files for graphs at ...../eprints3/perl_lib/IRStats/View.There seem to be a parameter called title being set.For instance for the graph of  daily download I looked at the DailyDownloadsGraph.pm
 file and can see that title is set to be "Total Downloads" But that value is not displayed anywhere when the graph is drawn.

How can I get the graph to show the titles?

Any suggestions?

Ranju Upadhyay
National University of Ireland Maynooth.

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