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[EP-tech] Re: How to add thesis types?

And, if the 'bachelor' option has been selected for any item, edit the item, and select a different option.


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you just need to either:

- add the missing phrase (eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_bachelor)
- or remove the unwanted type/option ("bachelor")


On 21/06/12 02:50, mohdizwan8733 at salam.uitm.edu.my<mailto:mohdizwan8733 at salam.uitm.edu.my> wrote:

It works...

But, accidently i put wrong text / word which result  ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_bachelor" not defined] appear at the option...

I checked kat zz_webcfg.xml, delete already...

But it still appear..

Any way to make it disapear ?

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