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[EP-tech] Verifying Checksums


found a mailing list post by David Tarrant created in 2010
 >> Verify hashes / checksums
 > Can be both done by the storage or you can do it from EPrints using a 
 > event module, this code is not yet in the public domain cos I haven't 
 > written it yet, but it would be about 20 lines I recon.
URL: http://www.eprints.org/tech.php/thread-14292.html

How are things now? Does EPrints warn automatically if a file differs in 
respect to the checksum from the state stored in the database?
How can I arrange for EPrints to do that?

Does the EPrints ex-/import xml format have a file-associated element 
"hash" or alike (guess for every dataobj field you can have a 
corresponding field, right?) that is verified upon downloading the file 
from another server? Would really appreciate that, but according to 
DataObj::File source, there aren't yet any verification methods for sha/md5.

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