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[EP-tech] Re: FW: Re: Changing "Deposited By" for items?

Il 29/02/2012 15:35, Alex Birchall ha scritto:
> Hi Yuri,
> Thanks for that, but it is not immediately clear to me how this could be achieved using ep3xml.  I have exported a set of records in ep3xml format, but cannot see any reference in the file as to the identity of the depositor.
> Please could you give me a little more guidance?

I think you can specify it at command line:


      *--user USERID/USERNAME*

For eprint datasets only. (not user or subject).

Sets the userid/username of the user in the system who will own the 
imported records.

Usually required for importing EPrint records. This may not be required 
if the import format contains the userid value, eg. an import in the 
EPrints 3 XML format.

If this is an integer then it is assumed to be the userid of the user, 
otherwise it is assumed to be the username.

You may wish to create one or more "bulk import" users and make imported 
eprint records belong to them.


I've tried to do an export, and I get the userid as:

<userid><the userid number></userid>