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[EP-tech] Re: EPrints behind a reverse proxy

Il 27/02/2012 13:32, Ian Stuart ha scritto:
> On 27/02/12 12:07, raffaele messuti wrote:
>> still not convinced , but i'll try ;)
>> the parameters entered in epadmin create (hostname and port) are
>> written in 10_core.pl
>> where is the magic in changing it later? they are written elsewhere?
> The "change it back" part is under "Configuring the repository"
> The way a reverse-proxy works is thus:
> 1) Request comes in for host1.example.com
> 2) Proxy translates the address to services.example.com:1234
> 3) Backend server does whatever it needs to do&  writes the page (to the
> proxy server)
> 4) Proxy server takes the response, and replaces the address line from
> services.example.com:1234 to host1.example.com (but leaves the content
> as is)

What if the content contain urls to services.example.com:1234? :)