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[EP-tech] Re: VM requirements

Jon Hallett dijo [Fri, Dec 07, 2012 at 11:49:28AM +0000]:
> Our is running on a VM with
> * 2GB RAM (of which over a gig is free)
> * 2 (not very powerful) CPUs
> * total 30GB of disk, of which EPrints and deposits are using ~14GB and Ubuntu ~7GB.
> It isn't a heavyweight system.

Right, EPrints is quite easy on resources, even more so for a system
in the process of becoming "live" (that is, with still not much
traffic). We didn't really set strong limits for our EPrints instance
when we started running it, about 1.5 years ago, but the host server
was not very big either (a six year old machine with 4GB RAM).

We recently migrated it to a much newer host server, but not because
of needing more capacity, rather because the old server will be

We currently have a moderate traffic site, serving 500-1500 daily
visits (~2000-5000 HTTP requests). Right now, we have 10 Apache2
instances, with 50-70MB RAM consumption each (although a good part of
it is shared). CPU load is basically negligible - By repeatedly
querying for non-static pages, I managed to raise the CPU consumption
of one of the Apache processes to 25% of the CPU... For only one CPU
thread, and for less than a second.