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[EP-tech] Re: VM requirements

Dear Nick,

I listed our demo server (a VM) running EPrints 3.8.8 for your reference. I believe EPrints is really a resource saving software.

Memory: 2GB RAM
Total Disk: 60GB (now we only use 6GB, so I believe you could downgrade the amount to 30GB for instance)
MYSQL version: 5.0.26
Perl version: 5.8.8

I would suggest to partition (mount) the disk into at least three:

*         /

*         /opt/eprints3

*         /var/lib/mysql

Our demo server is running on an old OS - SUSE 10 SP3, therefore the versions of Perl and MYSQL are quit old. It would be better to run latest OS. We use SUSE, but I believe other Linux distributions should be fine.

Best Wishes,

Jia Tian
Systems Analyst, Infrastructure, Information Services

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Kingston University London
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I've finally persuaded my line manager to let me have a virtual server to test EPrints possibly to replace our current commercial repository software.

Our IT service has asked for  vCPUs, RAM and Disk requirements in order to cost the project. Also any other specs I might need to emphasise - MySQL etc. Is anybody able to advise?


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