EPrints 3.4

We are very pleased to announce that EPrints 3.4 Preview 2 is here and ready for testing.

You can install EPrints 3.4 Preview 2 for yourself, visit files.eprints.org to download the files.

eprints 3.4 poster


Changes in 3.4 preview 2 include

– Ingredients support.
This allows common functions such as Bazaar support, third party integrations or plugins to be cleanly factored out, support can then be included at a flavour level.
Not all flavours will use the Bazaar for example, so not all will want it available.
If you have a common feature you need to roll out to all your repositories, then packaging it as a ingredient can help you.
Similar to a Bazaar package, but can be more comprehensive and a self contained installation.

– Further streamlining of the flavour loading mechanism.
The installed flavour files are now all neatly contained under the flavours directory.
The epadmin command scans the flavours directory and lets you create repositories based on what is installed.

– Slimmer repository code
More files have been moved from the archive level into the flavour level, making archive files more maintainable.