• Welcome to EPrints

    Welcome to the home of EPrints, the world-leading open-source digital repository platform. Developed at the University of Southampton, EPrints has been providing stable, innovative repository services across the academic sector and beyond for over 15 years. We are proud the of stability, flexibility and pragmatism of our software.

    EPrints Services is our not-for-profit commercial services organisation, which has been building & hosting repositories, training users and developing bespoke functionality for over 10 years.

  • EPrints Community Contributions Day

    November 18th was the first EPrints Community Contributions day, where all members of the community came together and improved EPrints.

  • User Group Meetings

    Adam's recently been at four EPrints User Events:
    the UKCoRR Members' Day, the German Language User Group Meeting, an EPrints Hack Day and the UK User Group Meeting. He has produced a short roundup.

  • Open Repositories 2015

    Adam and Will attended the Open Repositories conference. Adam has been involved with the conference for many years, and it was Will's first time. They had a great time meeting a number of our North American users, as well as meeting up with the usual conference faces.

    Adam has briefly written up his conference experience; he co-chaired the developer track and the ideas challenge, and he presented the EPrints roadmap and his ideas for the community at the EPrints Interest Group session.


EPrints for Open Access

EPrints has been leading innovation in the Open Access movement over the past 15 years. EPrints provides a set of mature ingest, preservation, dissemination and reporting services for your institution’s OA needs.


EPrints for Open Education

Building on the success of the educational content sharing platform EdShare, EPrints can supply a flexible platform to support your staff and students in engaging with open education practices.


Research Data

Whether an institutional research data repository or a bijou showcase of a single dataset, EPrints has a proven track-record in providing Research Data services across the academic sector and beyond.

EPrints for Dataset Showcases

We have leveraged the EPrints platform to supply a flexible framework to present and preserve the research output from your project.

EPrints for Social Media

The Tweepository package turns EPrints into a powerful social media tool, providing harvesting, archiving and visualisation services for ephemeral social media data. Flexible export formats allow easy integration with network analysis packages such as NodeXL and Gephi.

EPrints for REF2020

Building on the success of our REF2014 package, EPrints can help institutions meet their REF2020 requirements.


We offer training events on EPrints administration, configuration and customisation. See here for our sheduled courses.

Building Repositories

We can build repositories that are configured to meet the particular requirements of your organisation.  We work with clients to create repositories for research publications, open education resources, multimedia outputs and research data sets.

Repository Hosting

We offer fully managed and supported EPrints based repository services at our commercially run hosting providers.