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[EP-tech] Query re '/opt/eprints3/bin/lift_embargos script and embargo length

From: Annette Moore <a.moore AT sussex.ac.uk>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2016 17:29:03 +0000

We have had an example recently on our  EPrints repository where an embargo on 
a restricted access PDF has been lifted  by the 'lift_embargos' script when 
there wasn't an embargo date but the embargo length  of 18 months had been 
added manually.  From the history it looks like the published date had been 
added the day before but the embargo date not added (human error).  Is there 
any connection between the lift_embargos script ad the embargo length with the 
REF CC v.1.1.1. Plugin ? We are unsure why the full text restriction as lifted 
in this instance and concerned that there may be other instances.

Could anyone with more technical knowledge  of the lift_ embargo script and the 
automatic calculation of the embargo length field in the REF CC tab shed any 
light on the above or offer a possible explanation?



Acquisitions and metadata Librarian
University of Sussex

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