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[EP-tech] IRStats2: Innodb tables; forks

From: John Salter <J.Salter AT leeds.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2016 11:54:56 +0000

Our IRStats2 processing runs slowly, and I suspect there might be some 
improvements to be made - especially as we're using InnoDB tables.
Before I start trying to work out how to solve this, has anyone done any work 
in this area?

Also, there are two forks of IRStats2 that might need to be merged:

(Most other forks come from the head of eprints/irstats2).

Comparing these two forks:
it looks like there has been some re-arrangement of files (these seem sensible 
to me), and a couple of fixes.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether these should be merged, so we have one 
main master again? Will doing this cause problems for people who have installed 
the package using the previous file-layout?


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