Although EPrints is open-source software, not all organizations have the resources or inclination to develop their repository in-house. It can be more cost-effective and less time-consuming to outsource the processes of building, customizing or even hosting a repository.

For over seven years EPrints Services has been providing high-quality technical support to universities and other research and learning organizations around the world.

EPrints Services technical developers work alongside the people who develop the core software. Our team know all there is to know about EPrints, providing clients with the reassurance that their repositories will be built effectively and efficiently, making full use of the functionality embedded within EPrints.

Building 32, home of EPrints Services

Building 32, home of EPrints Services

Services Available

EPrints Services offers a range of fixed-price services as well as customized development:

  • Building a new EPrints repository to your requirements
  • Migrating existing datasets to your EPrints repository
  • Switching existing repositories to one based on EPrints
  • Writing code to add custom features to your EPrints repository
  • Hosting your EPrints repository (including monitoring, backups and upgrades)
  • We offer two levels of technical support for your EPrints repository

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