Case Study

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle has been using an EPrints repository for a number of years. EPrints Services has provided the technical expertise required to develop a number of novel features. When asked why FHCRC uses EPrints the Library Director offered these reasons:

  • With a PMID you have a one-click record import from PubMed.
  • The user interface is simple, elegant, and user-friendly.
  • Easy embargo control creates convenience for librarians and peace of mind for faculty.
  • Users don’t need to be familiar with an institution’s departmental structure to quickly access papers.
  • It’s easy to create and import your own taxonomy – we use an extract of MeSH.
  • EPrints is well-supported open source software that is built specifically for this purpose and allows for local customization.

You can see FHCRC’s repository for yourself here: