EPrints 3.4 Demos

Here are our new EPrints 3.4 example repositories. These help summarise what EPrints can offer, as well as what you as an EPrints Services customer have access to.

Feel free to browse. Contact us if you have any questions.
Justin, EPrints Services, May 2018

    • pub.demo.eprints-hosting.org – An example publications repository, fitted with some of our latest features.
      • Lists, Journals and Collections – We can group and curate content into managed lists, these can then be shared and branded, eg
        • Visit here to see an example list, all about animals
        • Visit here to see a small sample journal, where you can browse and search (hint: search for ‘wild’)
        • You can do a whole lot more with Lists, if you would like to know more, get in touch.
      • Panels based summary pages – Content within a page can now be arranged into sections
        • For an example see here.
      • User Profiles – a successor to MePrints, the new user profiles also has a panels based look and feel, eg
      • Guided/Faceted search – Helps you home in on the content you want, by offering filters by which to reduce the number of search results.
        • See all the results for a given year, eg 2003
        • See all the results by visiting the index page.
      • Visualisations – We can visualise content in a number of ways, eg
        • Visit here then select ‘Visualisations’ -> ‘Author Collaboration Graph’
        • Visit here then select ‘Visualisations’ -> ‘Word Cloud’
      • EPrintsFlo – want to explore EPrints content in a different way, try EPrintsFlo.