Following a period of internal testing we are pleased to make the first stable EPrints 3.3 release available for download at If you just want to test out the new version you can access our demonstration repository at (account creation requires email address verification). EPrints 3.3 represents 18 months of effort since the release of 3.2. Version 3.2 brought with it new features that were aimed at making EPrints more flexible and giving more control to repository administrators. 3.3 is a natural progression of this effort that enables a new, completely flexible, data model managed through configuration files. This sets the foundation for using EPrintsRead More →

EPrints 3.1 has only just been released but work on 3.2 has been progressing for some months now. One EPrints feature that we’re improving in 3.2 is document thumbnails. First a bit of background: when you view the abstract (jump-off) page in EPrints each document will have either an icon or thumbnail shown. The thumbnail images are generated when a document is uploaded. Three thumbnails are generated as standard: “small”, “medium” and “preview”. The “small” thumbnail is used as a substitute for the format icon. The “medium” thumbnail isn’t used. The “preview” thumbnail is shown whenever the user hovers the mouse pointer over the icon/thumbnail.Read More →