Hi, my name is Timothy Miles-Board and I manage the EPrints Services team.

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The EPrints team is committed to working closely with clients to develop tailor-made repositories that fulfil their exact requirements, and we are proud to be supporting EPrints installations throughout the world.

You can contact us: info@services.eprints.org

Please note that this email address should only be used for sales enquiries. All technical queries should be directed to our community tech list, which we encourage you to subscribe to via the software page (archives are also available). This is a free community list where questions are answered on an ad hoc basis by anyone subscribed who might know the answer; no guarantees are made. For paid support, packages are available from the services team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPrints Services?

EPrints Services exists to promote the use of repositories and to provide a sustainable funding stream to guarantee the future development and support of EPrints Open Source software.

What will we get when we sign up to EPrints Services?

There are many different kinds of things you may want from us! If you want a repository built, installed or hosted then one of the EPrints Team will spend a day with you to find out your exact requirements and to agree a timeline for the project.

Do EPrints Services only use EPrints software?

EPrints Services provides hosted repositories that are based on EPrints software and provides consultancy and support for sites that have their own EPrints repositories. However, it also provides support for integrating your repository with external or legacy information environments.

Why shouldn't I just set up my own repository using the EPrints Open Source software?

If you have the experience and the available staffing then you may well choose to install and support your own repository from your own resources. In this case you may choose the EPrints Services' training options to build up your local levels of expertise. EPrints Services' main function is to support those who do not have the capability or who would prefer to reduce the risk or financial impact of running their own repository.

Is EPrints Services like Open Repository and Digital Commons?

Open Repository and Digital Commons both provide repository hosting; EPrints Services provides a range of repository services, from hosting to simply assisting with the installation of your own repository. EPrints Services provides you with freedom to choose the appropriate mix of for-pay and for-free repository solutions.

How long does it take EPrints Services to set up a repository?

That depends on what you need! We will spend time finding out what your requirements are. A standard repository build and install would normally take a few weeks, but you will need to plan enough time on your side to make policy and data management decisions. If you wish, we can take care of the whole repository project management as well.

What is required by the client to set up a repository?

EPrints Services can set up a repository based simply on your specification of your visual identity and the metadata requirements; however most sites will want to make some legacy data available - perhaps from an existing repository.

If my institute signs up for EPrints Services how much control will I have over the look and functionality of the repository?

You can specify exactly the features and branding that you require.

What support do you offer?

Phone, email and on-site technical support and bug fixing, onsite and off-site training, bespoke software development, professional project management, advice and consultancy.

Do you offer any training material?

Yes, our training library is available from our web site.

In case of a problem whom do we contact?

You will usually have a nominated team member whom you can contact directly.

Will I ever get any service updates?

We would normally aim to keep your repository upgraded to the latest version of EPrints as a matter of course. However, no major upgrades to the repository functionality or interface will take place without your agreement.

How secure and reliable are the repository services you offer?

Our repositories are hosted in a high security and high availability environment, with mirrored and offsite backups. Further details can be provided on request.