1) Create a folder which represents your repository
2) Copy CONFIG_EXAMPLE to this folder, name it CONFIG and change each of the parameters outlined
3) run watch_folder.pl with the parameter being the absolute path to this folder.
4) To create a new resource, create a new folder in the repository folder you have created and start dropping documents in it, these will then get uploaded to the repository.

* Uploading of first document and initial creating of resource in repository.
* Adding additional documents to the resource
* Updating documents (you save locally, changes are reflected in the repository)
* Updating documents (a change happends to the same document URI in the repository, the change will update locally)
* Deleting documents (both local and remote)
* Downloading of new documents only known to the repository.
* Downloading of resources already in repository to repository folder.
* Editing of Metadata by directly editing the ATOM XML (this needs to be abstracted to be simpler and hide fields that users shouldn't be touching)

* Workflow integration (CLICK_TO_DEPOSIT.html link) which links to a very very simple eprints screen, no toolbars, just a button :)