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Hi, I'm Steve Hitchcock and I manage the Community programme for EPrints. I've been involved with Institional Repositories and Open Access from their outset, helping launch EPrints in 2001 as the first OAI-compliant repository software.

I have been working with institutions using EPrints and encouraging them to become participating members of the Community. I invite managers of existing installations to tell us about their use of EPrints and how we can improve support within the Community.

I have organised national and international meetings on IRs and Open Access, so there is a chance you will already know me or have heard from me before. I look forward to welcoming you to the EPrints Community.

You can contact me at sh94r@ecs.soton.ac.uk.

Your EPrints, Your Community

Once established an Institutional Repository becomes a critical application within an organisation and ensuring its sustainability is important. We believe the key to sustainability is participation. Through the EPrints Community we are giving all active IRs the opportunity to participate in shaping the future and giving you confidence that EPrints software and support will continue to be there when you need it.

Community membership brings you together with others with common goals: to sustain EPrints, to influence strategic directions, and to learn and share experiences. You will join others with world-class expertise in IR development. You will gain access to resources and events for Community members.

Why Join the Community?

EPrints software is free, but we know from experience that users need more. As part of the EPrints Community, members will have both voice and vote to help shape and develop EPrints programmes.

Membership offers the following benefits:

  • Join dedicated Insiders mail list (archive*)
  • Influence the direction of EPrints:
    • propose new features through EPrints development wiki* - improve your users' experience
    • participate in periodic surveys to help shape the features of EPrints
    • have your say at Community meetings
  • Get involved in other governance activities through support groups
  • Get ahead with information on new developments in the Insiders news blog
  • Get advice on upgrading to new versions of EPrints
  • Receive advance copies of Community Newsletters
    • No. 1, Spring 2006, focus on EPrints 3.0
  • Discounted fees for EPrints training courses
*Members only (login required)

Becoming a Member

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EPrints Community was originally funded by JISC within its Digital Repositories programme JISC logo
More about the project, Putting Eprints into the Community
The project phase has ended. Find out what it achieved in the Final Report