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[EP-tech] Diacritics truncate input form fields

From: TEALDI PAOLO <paolo.tealdi AT polito.it>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2016 09:54:55 +0100

Dear all,

we are on eprints 3.3.10.
We noticed that sometimes input form fields with diacritics are truncated after 

form saving.
The effect is :
a) I'm modifying a field of a record.
b) when i click on save, the record is updated but ALL record fields with 
diacritics are truncated exactly before the first diacritic, also if they are 
not modified.
Obviously this weird problems happens only sometimes: It happened to me 
yesterday on a record, i recovered it from backup (batch import), i modified 
again the same record, and the second time all went well ...

Anyone has noticed this problem ?

Best regards,
Paolo Tealdi


Ing. Paolo Tealdi         Area IT - Politecnico Torino
Telefono/Phone : +39-011-0906714 , FAX : +39-011-0906625
Indirizzo/Address : C.so Duca degli Abruzzi,  24 - 10129 Torino - ITALY
Skype : tealdi.paolo
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