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[EP-tech] ePrints Shelves development

From: "Smith M." <matthew.smith AT soton.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 16:21:23 +0100

Some of you will have seen the "shelves" demonstration at OR10 
Madrid. This is the new function that allows you to search for eprints and 
allocate groups of ePrints to a "shelf". The aim is to facilitate 
allocation of eprints to research groups, projects and other granular and often 
fluid or temporary groupings. This initial development work has been paid for 
by the University of Southampton central IT service. Based on feedback at 
Southampton from our academic community and from those of you in Madrid, there 
is additional functionality which we would all like. This includes the ability 
to send a new eprint to a shelf on deposit and the ability to search within a 

We are trying to progress this work, but as we know at the moment resources are 
tight. If anyone feels able to contribute financially to this development, up 
to a maximum of 5K, please let me know. Anyone contributing could work on the 
testing to help refine the functionality and be in the first wave of 
implementation. The ePrints committers would then work to include the 
development into the ePrints core in time. In this way we will all get the new 
functionality more quickly.

If anyone is interested can you contact:

Amanda Niblett 023 8059 5958 A.K.Niblett AT soton.ac.uk<mailto:A.K.Niblett 
AT soton.ac.uk> (up to 1/10) or Wendy White 023 8059 6873 whw AT 
soton.ac.uk<mailto:whw AT soton.ac.uk> (23/9 onwards)

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